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ROKU tv connects to hotspot and stopped connecting to wifi

Eight days ago my Roku television disconnected from the Wi-Fi and will not reconnect. I have tried everything from unplugging it for an hour to doing a full factory reset - this thing refuses to connect to the Wi-Fi. What is especially frustrating is that I can go in and set up the Wi-Fi connection and it tells me everything is working but when I igo to open a television app, the app will not open telling me there’s no Wi-Fi connection. When I go to check on the wireless connection I am told I don’t have an Internet connection but when I go and set it back up again it tells me I do have an Internet connection. I have contacted our Internet provider twice and they have told me to go back to Roku, I have contacted Roku and they tell me to go back to my Internet provider I have sent emails to Roku and have not been responded to. I have two other Roku TVs and three echo dots on the same floor as the television that will not connect to the Wi-Fi and every single device in our home is working just fine. I’m at my wits end. 

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Re: ROKU tv connects to hotspot and stopped connecting to wifi


From Settings/Network/About, are you seeing both a MAC address and an IP address. (are either one of these all zeros?)

If you have MAC address,  try performing a Network Connection Reset on the RokuTV and restart your router. (Settings/System/Advanced System Settings/Network Connection Reset/Reset Connection).

Also, check on the RokuTVs that are working for the wireless channel number. (Settings/Network/About).  Is the suspect RokuTV using the same wireless channel number?  Basically, checking to see if all your working RokuTVs and the suspect RokuTV are connecting to same band of your home network.  (2.4ghz or 5ghz)

What is your router model number, and who is ISP (internet service provider)?




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