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ROKU keeps pairing with my Apple Account. How do I prevent this?

Roku 4K+ keeps showing up in my apple account as Paired with my iPhone. I do not like this as roku 4k+ has been exhibiting a lot of secure flaw issues including DDoS, WPA2 Only and not WPA3, turning on by itself, etc. I DO NOT want this roku even in my house but I have to have it for the family. SO, how do I stop ROKU from wanting to pair with the computers in the home and with my iphones. because here's the problem. This device (ROKU 4k+) is showing up as a discoverable object to laptops and iphones and there is no way to turn this off. Thus, my neighbors could be trying to connect. The Roku 4K+ is also automatically connecting/pairing with my iphone account which is scary because I didn't do that and I can't turn that feature off. How do I block this from happening ?

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