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ROKU Does not have WPA3 WIFI Security Option

ROKU will not connect via WPA3. I have to dumb down security on one of my WIFI channels just so that I can own a ROKU. WPA2 is NOT secure anymore and WPA3 is out. Please offer a way to update or plan to update this in the future. ROKU has not been secure as it is turning on my TV all by itself, it shows up as a device that wants to constantly pair with my iPhone devices and it shows up as if it wants to pair with nearby computers. What a bunch of security issues this thing has. I'd be better off to disconnect it and throw it in the trash and get an apple TV device or a better TV that already supports apps.


SO, what are my options to get a Roku 4K+ to work with WPA3? Will this be included in future models?

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Re: ROKU Does not have WPA3 WIFI Security Option


Your current options to use a Roku 4k+ device is to either setup an open Guest Network, a WPA2-Personal Guest Network, or configure one of the available bands of your network (2.4ghz or 5ghz) to use WPA2-Personal and use WPA3-Personal or Enterprise on your other bands for non-Roku devices.

Ony AX routers will have WPA3 capability, and if you own an AX triband router, then you may have additional bands that can offer you additional configurations so you do not have to setup universal WPA3 protocols.  Not all routers allow individual band configurations, so will have to check your specs and documentation.

Security flaws have already been found, published, and publicly shared regarding WPA3, (some of which still have not been fixed or addressed), so would caution into thinking it is impenetrable and think you are secure simply because WPA3 is available.  WPA3 is certainly an upgrade over WPA2 for those dealing with sensitive info, and eventually more consumer devices will begin to support this new protocol.  However, a properly configured WPA2-personal network is still very secure. 


To address your concerns...

1. Turning TV on.  Likely have CEC enabled at both TV and Roku device.  Disable 1-touch Play in Roku settings if you do not want this feature (Settings/System/Control Other devices/1-touch play).  Can also disable HDMI CEC in your TV settings if you wish.

2. Pairing with mobile device and other network connected computers - Likely on your computer you may have a media server running (windows media player or the equivalent) and a mobile app installed on the phone allowing for "remote" control of the Roku device.  If you want none of this to occur, disable any DLNA or UPnP settings in your router which will universally disable this feature.  On the Roku device, disable "Control by mobile apps" under Settings/System/Advanced System Settings/Control by Mobile Apps/Network Access/Disabled.

All the above are local network activities and features of the Roku device and extend the capability of the Roku device and are not generally considered insecure. (well, perhaps with the exception of UPnP if not configured properly.).

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