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Reel Rookie

Only my newest Roku Express connects to the WiFi... three other devices won't

Okay, here's an odd one. Over the years, I have bought Roku devices when they go outdated, etc.  I recently purchased another Roku Express to replace the slightly older one I recolated to my partner's bedroom because her Roku 2 would no longer support Amazon. Okay. For a month, both devices worked just fine. No issues. Now this morning, her Express refused to connect to WiFi. However, my newer Express does just fine... as do my laptops, BD player, and phones. WiFi connectivity is okay for all those devices. Still, I reset the router and the modem the usual tried and accurate way: unplug everything and wait 30-60 seconds. Plugged back in, and everything connected to the WiFi signal AND the internet just fine...except for her Roku Express. 

I then reset the unusable Express... no WiFi connectivity (even though it sees the network, and numerous others signals all around the block -- as per usual).  I then tried a reset from the back of the unit. No dice. Then I programmed a hard factory reset through the "secret window." Restarted and No connectivity (I couldn't even go beyond the WiFi setup window because there was "no internet connection.") Her new Roku Express is still working fine. I tried two of the other older units... the same weird "no connection" error. 

SO: 1) there is a usable WIFi network signal that other non-Roku devices see and connect to the Internet; 2) three out of four Roku devices will not connect; 3) my partner's newest Roku Express works fine; the two-year-old RokuExpress has now, as of this morning like all of the others, refused to connect; 4) there is no non-wireless option, nor is there a reset the ping option in any of the screens.

I'm bumming.


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Reel Rookie

Re: Only my newest Roku Express connects to the WiFi... three other devices won't

Okay, I'm back. 

Figured out how to get them to recognize my WiFi network. I went to my Roku account and deactivated the buggy devices. Then, for some odd reason, I could reconnect to the Internet once I reacted to the device. Weird, but it worked for all three. 


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Re: Only my newest Roku Express connects to the WiFi... three other devices won't


There are different model numbers with the Roku Express.  The newest model is 3960 and is dual-band capable (can connect to either the 2.4ghz or 5ghz band of a network).

All other model numbers of the Roku Express are 2.4ghz capable only. (cannot see or use the 5ghz band of a network).

You can determine your Roku Express model number from Settings/System/About.


If you verify that your non-working Roku Express is 2.4ghz only, and you also have a cable ISP (Xfinity/Comcast, AT&T, or Cox), then verify that the "Wireless Mode" setting under the 2.4ghz band in the router is set to b/g/n.  (Note: some cable ISP routers are configurable and you can make this settings change via the ISP mobile app, or logging into the router admin panel.  Otherwise, you may have to call the ISP and have them make this Settings change for you.)

If you have Spectrum, you will need to verify that they have not disabled your 2.4ghz band without your knowledge as users have reported.


In order to test your non-working Roku Express, try connecting it to a mobile hotspot (on the 2.4ghz band), if available to you.  If it connects to the mobile hotspot, then the issue is a network setting, and most likely the b/g/n wireless mode setting mentioned above.

Feel free to post back with Roku Express model number, your router model number, and your ISP if still having issues or need more help.

Edit: saw your updated posting after I responded.  Apparently the 2.4ghz band is working if able to reconnect.  Would verify the b/g/n setting if the cable ISP applies to you.  This setting will cause connection and stubborn reconnection issues if not changed on certain routers.

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Re: Only my newest Roku Express connects to the WiFi... three other devices won't

[Sorry, I was writing and entering this long winded reply while the previous two messages were being posted.   I'm glad you got your problem fixed. ]


Without knowing the model numbers of all these Rokus we can only guess at things but ...

There are some router setting issues that can prevent establishing Roku wifi connections. And to make matters worse, some of them can be caused by recently-reported router updates. These have primarily been reported with routers supplied by internet providers (Comcast/Xfinity, Cox, and AT&T so far), but it's possible they could also occur with other internet providers or user-owned routers that have received similar updates.

    Some router updates have changed the router's connection settings on the 2.4 GHz wifi band from b/g/n to just g/n, causing Rokus connecting to the 2.4 GHz wifi band to lose their ability to connect to the network.

    Note that, of recent Roku models, non-4K Roku Express/Express+ (model numbers below 3940) and Premiere/Premiere+ (model numbers below 4620) can ONLY receive the 2.4 GHz band and are therefore affected by this.

    The solution is to set the router's configuration back to using b/g/n.  See "Reconfiguring Router", below.
    If you have one of these situations, see "Reconfiguring Router", below.
    A) Some recent router updates have turned off dual band routers' use of the 2.4 GHz band.

    Some Roku models, notably Roku Express/Express+ (model numbers below 3940) and Premiere/Premiere+ (model numbers below 4620), are lower end units with single band Wi-Fi radios that only support the 2.4 GHz band. They, and many other devices of all sorts that are 2.4 GHz only, can't even see the 5 GHz band, let alone connect to it. If you have 2.4 GHz only Roku model and a dual band router with both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, be sure the router's 2.4 GHz band is turned on.
    B) In the 2.4 GHz WiFi band, all Rokus support channels 1-11, as are used in North America. If your router supports 2.4 GHz channels outside this range make sure your router is set to use a channel in this range and that you aren't using an auto setting that could select channels outside this range.
    C) Rokus with dual-band wifi radios can connect to the 5 GHz wifi band in two ranges of channel numbers, 36-48, and 149-165. Specifically they do NOT support the "DFS" channels 50-64 and 100-144. Many home use modems do not include the DFS channels but some do, so be sure your modem is set to NOT use DFS channels. If your router supports DFS channels and you can't turn them off, make sure you aren't using an auto setting that could select DFS channels.

Reconfiguring Router
Thanks to forum user @AvsGunnar  for providing the links below to instructions for reconfiguring router settings for the listed internet suppliers. If you can't do this yourself, you may need to contact your internet provider to make these changes for you:

If your problem was not caused by any of the above, often a restart of the router (even if other devices are still connecting) followed by a restart of the Roku will allow the connection to be reestablished. Depending on your Roku model and Roku version number you'll find the "System restart" option under either "Settings > System > Power" or "Settings > System", or if more convenient you can just remove the Roku's power for a few seconds and let it restart.


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