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One of my rokus freezes when I install a t mobile signal booster.

Hi. I have two roku streaming stick +. One on the bedroom on an older Sony tv and one on the living room on a older Samsung (2014). 
I recently switched my cell service to T Mobile. I am have trouble with the signal inside my house, so T Mobile sent me a signal booster. When I installed it everything works fine except the Roku in the living room. It starts up and then freezes. I switched the roku from the bedroom and that one doesn’t work either. I went as far as to purchase a new roku thinking it must be the roku. That one didn’t work either. When I disconnect the t Mobile booster everything is fine. It seems to only be affecting this on tv. 
can anyone help?? I’m not too tech savvy. 

thank you. 

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Re: One of my rokus freezes when I install a t mobile signal booster.

Most likely just an interference issue.  Difficult to say offhand whether the booster is causing interference at the Roku or the router.  Seems some people cannot find their 5ghz networks at all if boosters are adjusted too high or when using router channels 153 and above. (not specific to Roku devices, just in general online complaints of TMobile boosters)

One option is to change the router's 5ghz channels to the lower frequency of 36 or 48.  Can also see if performance increases if you use the Roku devices on your 2.4ghz band rather than the 5ghz.  Since you said "not too tech savvy", other option is to lower the boost strength of the T-mobile booster (adjust its settings), or move the booster farther from the router or the Roku devices themselves. (May have to experiment a bit). 

The other least helpful tip I can offer is to of course unplug the booster when streaming and use when necessary.  Hopefully one of these will help you and post back if you need any more help or you find a better solution to your problem.

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Re: One of my rokus freezes when I install a t mobile signal booster.

when I plug my kindle fire stick into the HTM1 slot  I get a frozen Home screen...

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Re: One of my rokus freezes when I install a t mobile signal booster.


Thanks for the post.

Have you tried plugging the device into another HDMI port on your TV to see if you are still experiencing the same issue? In addition, have you tried plugging in another external device into the same HDMI port to see if you are seeing the same thing occur?

Please keep us posted.


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