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On certain apps they freeze and then the TV goes off, and then when its back on the wifis off

Every time I go on certain apps such as Netflix and Pluto TV, Roku freezes and then turns off, and then when it comes back on the internet is off. When you try to connect to the internet after that happens, it doesn't connect. We have to turn off our router every time, but we cannot keep doing that because my parents get mad haha. But before this happened, the internet would go off if the TV was on and no one was watching TV or anything. 

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Re: On certain apps they freeze and then the TV goes off, and then when its back on the wifis off

Sounds like a combination of things, especially if internet was going off when not watching TV.  You should check your internet speed to make sure it is fast enough to stream. (On the bare minimum, somewhere around 4Mbs will at least stream on a standard 720/1080p TV).  Check with speedtest.net or some other online internet speed tester.  Losing internet connection is different than losing network connection.

If you are losing network connection then it could be either a Roku device issue or a network configuration issue.  If you are continually losing internet connection, then it could be either an ISP (Internet Provider) issue, a faulty router/modem, or just a router/modem that may need some tweaking in the network settings.

I am thinking that by your description, what is happening is that the internet is going off, (freezing/crashing of the router and/or modem) which is in turn freezing (stopping) the Roku streaming of your Apps/Channels, and causing you to have to reset the router.  At least from the sound of it.  Basically I think your router may be crashing the Roku, not the Roku crashing the router (make sense?)

Determine your speed and post results.  Also what kind of router(make/model) and what is the model of your Roku device. (Settings...System...About...Model #).  Also, just a normal TV or a 4K TV?

Unless I misunderstood your description of what is happening, I think this may be a router/modem issue or a speed issue.





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