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OS 10.5 insane wireless network speed increase?!

This is a slight aside to the main thread here, but after the 10.5/4187 update, has anyone else noticed an INSANE increase in WiFi speed on their Rokus?  My entire home WiFi peaks around 200Mbps, and with my distance from the router and the other 3000 devices on it, I usually sit around 50-60Mbps on my Rokus, which is more than sufficient.  Well, I went to watch something last night and happened to notice the app AND the entire movie had loaded before I even set the remote down... I checked the Roku network connection and it came back as 135Mbps!  I've done several restarts and rescans today to make sure it wasn't some reporting oopsie, and it's actually gone up at one point to 150Mbps!  I know the coming 4K+ stick is supposed to have improved WiFi, I'm wondering if that's not part of this 10.5 update...  anyone else noticed MUCH better WiFi since the update?

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Re: OS 10.5 insane wireless network speed increase?!

Exact opposite for me on my premiere. Was getting 100-150 mbs consistently, now I'm lucky to get 6mbs. Multipe restarts of roku and router do nothing. I have gig speed wifi and my roku looks like it's playing 480p video on everything because it's got such a bad connection.

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