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[OS 10.5] Roku 3 receiving "not connected to internet"

I am experiencing severe performance problems since 10.5 was installed; not responding to channel selection or lateral and vertical commands from the remote and often slow buffering. Often I've received "not connected to internet " messages but all other devices work perfectly and I've checked the Roku connection. 

I've restarted as well as unplugged and restarted.

Model # 4230x - Roku 3

SN# 63267W014284

Not sure if this is a contributing issue or not, but the "about " screen reads "micro SD card - Not installed ".  If I need an SD card, please provide type, etc as well as any installation instructions. 


Ed Wiest 

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Re: [OS 10.5] Roku 3 receiving "not connected to internet"


Connect to your 5G Wi-Fi and make sure you 2.4g doesn’t have the same name . 
This is the fix for all 10.5 update issues.

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