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No signal message with the number 80 in top corner of screen


I decided to get a Roku system because so many people have had good experiences with it.  I set my Roku boxes up in May 2022, but unfortunately it has not gone as smoothly as others experience.

Currently when I turn on the TV, there is a NO SIGNAL message across the screen and the number 80 in the top left corner.  I have unplugged, disconnected the HDMI cables, turned the power on and off, and to no avail I can't get my TV to come on.

I work with news media outlets from home so I am constantly watching various news programs on behalf of my clients so this "no signal outage" can affect my income and my productivity.  I am asking for assistance in resolving this issue.  If it can't be resolved I will be forced to go back to cable because I need a way to do my job. Please assist, thank you.


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Roku Guru

Re: No signal message with the number 80 in top corner of screen

80?  As in channel 80?  If so, you won't find your Roku there.  Use whatever input selector your TV has to select the HDMI port where the Roku is attached.  (ie: HDMI1, HDMI 2...  you should see a label where the Roku is plugged in, or you can cycle through them until you find it.)

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