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No network available for 2 days.

I have done factory reset everything my Roku wireless Mac address is 00:00:00:00:00:00 now I can't even get it to go to anything but the startup page and all that goes to is choose your network. I have reset and unplugged everything. Someone help. 

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Re: No network available for 2 days.


Generally, if a Roku is showing you a MAC address of all zeros, then there is usually an internal issue with the device. (wifi chip/NIC).

Try connecting to a mobile hotspot if available to you or an alternate network. (will rule out a network issue/router issue).

Finally, try using the included power adapter rather than the TV's USB power port and try Factory Resetting the Roku device.  Press and hold reset button for 30+ seconds. (This will rule out a power supply issue that may be contributing to the wifi chip/NIC not performing properly).  If currently using the power adapter, try using another power adapter.  Depending on the device, cell phone charging adapters can be used.

If you Roku device is a Streaming Stick 3810 or 3820, there is the possibility that there is an issue with the wireless receiver in the cable that may need replacement. https://www.roku.com/products/accessories/usb-power-cable-with-long-range-wifi-receiver  [link is for the 3810]


If all the above fails to resolve issue, then either return the device or see if your device (1 year warranty) qualifies for warranty replacement. https://support.roku.com/article/208757058


For those having this issue with a RokuTV, actually pretty easy to purchase and swap out the wifi modules since attached with a single screw (modules available online for the different TV manufacturers).  Unless you like tinkering and have some soldering skills, more difficult to do this replacement with a Roku device.


Feel free to post back with Roku model number and your setup (how you are powering, etc) and some details.  Was this device ever working, etc.  


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