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No internet connection after midnight and before noon

We’ve had our Roku tv for almost 2 years. It’ll be 2 years this November. So it’s still fairly new. For the past month it’s stopped connecting to the internet at midnight and connected again after noon. I’ve tried restarting my tv. I’ve completely shut off our electricity. I restarted our internet. I’ve tried everything. I have internet connection with all my other devices. It’s just my Roku tv. I’m just getting a little frustrated. I would get a new tv but this tv is basically new. I want to get my money’s worth. 

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Re: No internet connection after midnight and before noon

Roku devices have no ability to control Internet access times. This sounds like a setting in your Internet router/modem. If your ISP is a cable company and you lease the modem from them, they have control over your box and might have changed something without telling you. If you know how to log into your modem/router, check for any time of use settings and make sure they're disabled. Some routers are capable of restricting access by device, so that would explain why your TV loses access but nothing else does. 


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Re: No internet connection after midnight and before noon

Yeah, my first guess would be a parental control feature in the router.