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No Wi-Fi, no remote, no app

The Roku I hasnt connected to my current Wi-Fi before and we can’t get a new remote to connect to it since the Roku has no Wi-Fi. That means the app doesn’t work either. It’s not a fancy Roku so can’t use Ethernet cable. Is there anything I can do to use my Roku streaming stick? 

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Re: No Wi-Fi, no remote, no app


If your Roku has been connected to a wireless connection previously, you can edit your current wireless settings in your router to match the previous. (SSID network name and password).  Then you can use your Roku remote mobile app as your remote as the Roku should be able to connect. (remembers last known connection.)

If the Roku device has been factory reset, is brand new, or you cannot remember the last network's credentials (SSID network name and password), then you cannot use this method.  You will need a Roku Remote.

Unfortunately, unlike the other Roku streaming devices and RokuTV, you cannot even just use a compatible universal streaming remote with IR.  With the Roku Streaming Sticks, you will need a Roku Voice Remote as you need the RF (radio frequency wifi) to communicate with the device.  After you setup with the new Voice Remote, you can then use mobile remote app.

You can purchase these Roku Voice Remotes in Walmart, Best Buy, Target, etc (about $20) if you need right away.


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