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New modem and SSID = Roku won’t connect

Hello. I updated my Xfinity modem and could not use my existing SSID so had to update it. Roku sees the new SSID but when I type in the password it won’t connect. I have restarted Roku, reset the connection at least 6 times each and even done a factory reset. Nothing is working. I can’t find a clear answer anywhere on the Roku forums helping me deal with this specific issue. Does anyone have any insight they can lend before I give up and look for a different streaming service?

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Re: New modem and SSID = Roku won’t connect

If it is an Arris modem, and probably other brands as well, try enabling the guest network feature and see if you can connect to it instead of the primary network.


That worked for me, but this was a problem that developed after several years using the same modem, not purchasing a new one.   As near as I or my modem support people can figure out, it is something about the way Roku is now handling the security settings causing the problem, many people seem to have developed this problem recently and I am now thinking it has to do with the 9.4 OS upgrade since it just sort of developed suddenly after years of use with no problems..  (the reason for suspecting Roku mishandling the security encryption is that it will connect if the network is set to unencrypted, something that is risky at best, and not when normal encryption protocols are reestablished).


This is just worked for me, I don't know if it will work for anyone else.

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