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New home, Roku express can't find network

I recently moved to a new home. I tried to set the Roku up to the new wireless router, but it says it can't find a network. I have tried restarting the Roku, restarting the router, doing a network connection reset, and moving around the router and the Roku. I have other devices that are not only working, but they are further away from the router and working better than they did in the previous house. So I know I have a good wifi connection, and it is the correct bandwidth of 2.4ghz. Any suggestions to get this thing up and working?

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Re: New home, Roku express can't find network

So Settings/Network/Setup connection shows nothing at all? No signals?

How far is the Roku from Router? The 5g signal is fine too. but 2.4 should show.

You can try disconnecting other appliances hooked up to the wifi temporarily.

Reboot the Router again and see.

Can you move the Express around?


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