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New Roku Premiere 4k - Won't see 5GHz wireless

So honestly just hear to vent. I bought 5 of these stupid products for my family to switch off of cable and begin their streaming adventure. Bought these November 2020, after having TCL 6 Series 2019 and 2020. Thinking by looking at the products on store shelfs Express HD 1080, 4K Premiere. I'm thinking 4K is the route to go of course on sale. BUT how in the world do you sell a 4K product without using the 5Ghz band. In no realistic circumstance will any good 4K content play on a 2Ghz band. It is to slow! So I get a single band to keep cost low but don't sell consumers products that will not work as advertised. This is not a 4k device at all and definitely not Premier of any kind. I stand by Roku because it is an easy platform and it works well on my tv's. However I don't appreciate nor except this from you as a company. This IS NOT an oversite this is a slap in the face. And I would really like an official answer from roku themselves. Not an explanation of how it works from fans please. Trust me I understand it I too am a very tech savvy individual as that is my livelihood.

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Re: New Roku Premiere 4k - Won't see 5GHz wireless

@blwb1gK1LL the 2.4 GHz band is more than sufficient for any Internet 4K streaming material. None exceed about 25 Mbps, while even the slowest 802.11n 2.4 GHz connections are capable of 150 Mbps. Ripped UHD movies discs average in the 70-90 Mbps range, with peaks that can exceed 150, yes. Where 5 GHz excels other than speed is a less congested radio spectrum, so interference is less likely to occur. That said, when I scan my neighborhood I see about eight 5 GHz access points nearby, not including the three of my own. So even 5 GHz is starting to get crowded. But there's more room to spread out there. 

I agree that 5 GHz is something I value in a product, but when I bought my Premiere I was aware it was only a single band. I bought it for connecting to hotel networks when I travel, so 5 GHz wasn't as high a priority. The new Express 4K/4K+ does have dual band radios, and they are very reasonably priced. I now have one of those for my suitcase. 


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