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Reel Rookie

My Roku has been down for a week. No chat available. No one to call. Please help.

Please help. I'm lost. My Roku Streambar has been down for a week and I have no idea how to get help.  It had worked for months and been great, but now it's a paperweight.  I have tried unplugging it for a while and it still just shows the red light and I keep getting an error code that it can't connect to my wireless network.  Yes my wireless network here at the house works fine. The password has been re-entered and confirmed to be correct. It just won't connect.  I check the available networks and our network shows up. Signal strength is excellent. I try to connect and it tries and then it says  that it can't connect and says Error 014.50.  I even tried a solution touted on YouTube to fix it 99% of the time, hitting a whole combination of buttons.  Didn't help.  There is no number to call that I can find and the chat appears unavailable.  At this point my Roku's next stop is the garbage. Anyone know how to fix it?

BTW we have Comcast/Xfinity for cable and their router, but our wireless network is eero.  There was no password issue re: special characters.


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Re: My Roku has been down for a week. No chat available. No one to call. Please help.


Your problem may have been caused by a recent update to your router that changed the router's wifi connection parameters from b/g/n to g/n (or a new router with that setting), which affects some Roku models. This has been reported lately with equipment from Comcast/Xfinity and Cox, but there may be others.

Affected users report the Roku identifies the local network as available and rates the connection quality, but will not then connect. The fix is to switch the router configuration protocols from the g/n wifi that was set by the update back to b/g/n. If you don't have access to your router's control panel you may have to have your internet provider do it for you.

Step-by-step post from @AvsGunnar for Comcast/Xfinity users:

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Reel Rookie

Re: My Roku has been down for a week. No chat available. No one to call. Please help.

Finally got a good tech at Comcast/Xfinity. First, he'd never heard of b/g/n or g/n. He did a basic reset of my modem and unplugged and plugged back in my eero wireless router and Roku Soundbar.  Once I had the modem and router back on he had me plug the Roku back in. All worked the same and the network was still not available. The only difference was now the error was 014.40 and not 014.50.  He told me to clear and re-enter the password(which I had done on previous days with no change) and now it connected and the Roku is working fine now.

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