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My Express 4k+ is only showing one working antenna in the wireless secret antenna

I'm having wireless streaming issues because only one of the antennas is working on this unit. The 3941x Express 4k+ gets around 20-40 Mbps bandwidth. In the "Wireless Secret Screen" only the first antenna shows anything and the value bounces around 20ish, the second antenna always displays 0 and the glitch rate is between 250-500. I also have two 3810 Streaming Stick+ which are able to achieve around 85ish Mbps bandwidth and both antennas work in the 40-low 50s with a glitch rate of around 120. I believe since the second antenna on the 3941x always displays zero it's defective and needs to be replaced. I've tried connecting to both 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz networks. My 2.4 ghz network so set to only allow "N" devices and my 5 ghz network is set to only allow "N and AC". Connecting to either network doesn't correct this. Do others who have the express 4k+ have anything that shows up on their second antenna? Press home, home, home, home, home, FF, Play, Rewind, Play, FF and then go to "Wireless secret menu" and see if your second antenna displays anything other than zero "0" I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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