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Low Power Message Plus Other Attendant Issues

This issue has, in some aspects been posted before, but I think mine is a little different.  I am not sure which device I have: Roku Express or Express Plus, which is in the basement.  I have had it for several years and had it plugged into a power strip.  I power down the strip for periods of time when I am not using it.

I recently turned the strip and my Roku back on and things were fine.  Went down a couple of days ago to exercise turned my tv and Roku on and all of a sudden got a not connected to internet and, on top of that, got a low power message.  So, I turned everything off and rebooted. Tried to get internet, couldn't do it, rebooted my modem, still couldn't do it.  And, now get the low power message. Moved the HDMI connection and plugged the Roku power cord into the wall outlet. The screen still shows low power and is locked in on that message. I can't even move to the home option on my Roku.  I don't know if my unit is shot or what ever the heck is going on.

On top of that I wanted to watch Disney + on my bedroom tv, Roku device, (worked fine on my family room tv Roku device) had no previous problems and the Disney + site on my bedroom tv was totally blank. No apparent connection at all.  Only thing I can think is poltergeists!  Please help!!

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Re: Low Power Message Plus Other Attendant Issues

A Roku Express is a budget model and if you have had it for years your better off buying a new one. You can purchase a Roku Streaming Stick 4K for $39.99. Plus it has all the latest and greatest features including dual band WiFi 

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Re: Low Power Message Plus Other Attendant Issues


Try restarting your Router and the bedroom Roku device.  Could just be a simple disconnection or loss of signal strength.

Regarding your basement Express (the one not working), see if maybe the power supply adapter is failing.  Use the power adapter (cube) and the power cable from one of your other Roku devices and see if using both of these on the non-working device will rid you of the low-power message.  (The power supply for these devices are comprised of both a cable and an adapter - each of these components can fail).

If you still having issues, feel free to post back with the model numbers. (either on bottom of unit or navigate to Settings/System/About).  Include your ISP (internet service provider) if you are also still having problems getting an internet connection. (include and error messages you are seeing on the screen).

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