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Incorrect password for Hotel and Dorm, Roku is also running slow and freezing on me


So I have this Roku 2 that I travel with to take to the hotels I stay at. Never had a issue with it regardless of how old that thing is until yesterday. I tried connecting it to the TV of the hotel I’m staying at and it’s freezing on me, being slow. I finally get to the Hotel & Dorm thing and I go to put in the password, “incorrect password”. Happens about a couple more times before I decided to give up. Figured my almost 10 year old Roku gave out on me so I went and bought a new one. Not really sure what model it is, but the same issue is happening. Keeps saying incorrect password and being really slow. It’s just frustrating and the hotel and dorm link doesn’t help at all. 


Please help

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Re: Incorrect password for Hotel and Dorm, Roku is also running slow and freezing on me

Which model Roku 2 do you have? There are five different versions of a Roku 2, and only two of them are still supported by Roku. Look under Settings/System/About for the exact model number. 

But even the most recent version of the Roku 2 is now more than seven years old. It has far less processing power, channel storage and operational memory than the latest models, and some channels won't even work on them anymore. When you say yours is almost 10 years old, it's highly likely your player is either no longer supported, or will soon be added to the legacy device list and support will end. Honestly, it's time for an upgrade. The only player I don't recommend is the basic Express. The Roku Express 4K+ is only $10 more ($39.99), and a vast improvement over the basic model.


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