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Inconsistent Connectivity Issues

I have a Roku Premeire, it worked fine until about two or three weeks ago when it started to intermittently drop internet connectivity.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  I have (on multiple occaisions) reset the wireless connection, I have reset the Roku device (I even factory reset it), I have reset my router, I have even gone as far as to call my internet provider and confirm that the issue is not a connectivity issue on their end.  I have done all of these things multiple times in the past three weeks.  It seems to work fine for awhile, then it drops.

Now, this morning, I cannot get on at all.  I try to re-establish the wireless connection and it shows that it connects, but then as soon as I go to log on to a channel, the device looses the connection.  

Model: 3920X, SN: K43031604695



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Re: Inconsistent Connectivity Issues

Not sure if this might be part of the issue, but the Premiere (3920) only works on a 2.4 GHz network. Many wireless routers broadcast on both 2.5 Hz and 5 GHz bands. Do you have a way of checking to ensure your 2.4 GHz is working.

Another issue with 2.4 GHz is that so many devices support it. Few support 5 GHz only; many support both bands, and almost every device supports 2.4 GHz. That means the channels are often more crowded. And, if a channel wasn't crowded, but new devices nearby can crowd the network. This is true even if the devices are on a different network. If the network is in range and on the same channel, the channel can get crowded, and that can impact connectivity.

Most wireless routers are set to automatically pick the best available channel. However, they don't always do a good job, and you may have to manually pick the channel.

For reasons, it's usually best to have your wireless router on channel 1, 6, or 11. You can see what channel you're on by gong to Settings > Network > About

Look for Wireless channel.

Check your wireless router settings and pick a different channel (or Auto, if it was manually set to the one its currently using).

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Re: Inconsistent Connectivity Issues

It was helpful to me, thank you.

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