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Reel Rookie

I can’t connect my roku express 4K+ to the wifi

I bought a roku express 4K+ and I tried to set up the device and when I tried to connect the roku to my hotspot that didn’t work . It said that the wireless connection is ok but the internet connection isn’t ok and I restarted the roku but it was the same. I tried many times and that didn’t work The info of my roku is: Model: 3941X - roku express 4K + serial number : X016008C8CS2 (S07P21AC8CS2) software versión : 9.4.0 build 1042-CR timestamp: 2021-02-13T00:32:10Z
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Re: I can’t connect my roku express 4K+ to the wifi


This seems to have been buried somewhere along the way. But it contains something totally unexpected.

You have a model 3941 Roku Express 4K+, which was introduced in May 2021. But, it's running OS 9.4? Roku went to OS 10 in April 2021, before that device hit the streets.

I don't know that the older OS would be the cause, but I wonder why it shipped with an outdated OS.

I'm tagging @RokuDanny-R , @RokuMary-F , and @RokuKariza-D on this.

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Re: I can’t connect my roku express 4K+ to the wifi


Thanks for the post.

As @DBDukes stated, Roku devices should be on the latest OS 10.5. Can you please verify that the current OS on your Roku device is currently running? You can find this information in Settings > System > About.

With more information, we will be able to assist you further.


Danny R.
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