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How to enable wifi when need an email (not hotel/dorm)

We are temporarily living in an apartment that provides internet service. Each apartment has its own password that is connected to the apartment resident’s e-mail address. We are not in a dorm or hotel. The resident wifi network shows up, but I order to access it, I will need to input our specific email address and our specific password (even though the network is building wide). How can I do this?

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Re: How to enable wifi when need an email (not hotel/dorm)


If you cannot use the hotel/dorm method (https://support.roku.com/article/215058118 and also, https://www.roku.com/blog/hotel-and-dorm-connect-for-your-roku-device#!), you may have to purchase a configurable access point, or see if your computer/laptop can serve as an access point and share the internet connection for your Roku device to connect to.  Either way, you will most likely need an intermediary device between your network and your Roku connection.

In the above scenario, you connect your laptop to the network, and then connect your Roku to your laptop's wifi being broadcast.  Couple of different ways to do this depending on your laptop OS and hardware, so searching "how to use a laptop as an access point" in the search engine of your choice should give you some instructions.  Here is a basic primer to check your hardware if possible, since most people have Windows.  (https://www.winability.com/make-your-windows-laptop-work-as-a-wi-fi-access-point/).

Otherwise, contact the apartment (whoever is in charge of the network), and see if they can offer you a workaround for your Roku.  Have to figure they deal with streaming needs by now for their tenants. 

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