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How to connect to a new network without the original remote?

A few months ago, the remote that came with my roku 3 stopped working. Instead of replacing it I just used the remote app. Last week I moved to a new apartment with a new modem, and now the app doesn't work because it's a different network. If I try to connect manually, it tells me I need my "roku device's IP address." No idea how to get that. It is apparently not the same as my actual IP address, which I tried using and failed. Anyone know how to get around this?

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Re: How to connect to a new network without the original remote?

In order to find the IP address your Roku is assigned to, go to Settings...Network...About [there you will see the IP address for Roku, and the Gateway(IP) for your router.  These are actually LAN IPs or Network IPs.  This is what you are concerned with when setting up the Roku. (192.168.1.xxx or the like)  The IP you are seeing when you type in a browser "what is my IP" is something called a WAN IP. (this is what most people consider their IP Address.) That is the IP address assigned to you by your ISP to use the internet. ( or the like)

As long as you haven't factory reset your device, you can try accessing your router and set your network SSID (network name) and password to your old ones, from your previous network. (if you can remember them).  Your Roku3 is still trying to login with old creds, so you just change the router creds to match them.

There is another way using a hotspot(connect your roku3 to the hotspot ID) then you can go into your Roku Network Settings with the Roku mobile App and enter the new creds of your new modem settings.  (set up a new connection). If you use your phone as the hotspot, you may need an additional mobile device to use the Roku mobile App. (ie a friends phone, or a tablet, etc) worst case scenario.

The final way is buy a universal streaming remote compatible with roku.

Once your Roku3 is set to your new network, can go back to using the Roku App as your remote.

See if any of the above helps you.  Hotspot is probably an easy way to go if you cant remember your old login creds for your previous network.  If you have factory reset the device, then remote is your only real option.

Hopefully one of these ways will work for you.

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