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How to cast Google Slides to Roku?

Hi! It seems like some apps have the functionality to cast from a phone/tablet to roku like works on Chromecast without needing to first download any extra Roku apps. Is Google Slides one of those apps?

I don't currently have a Roku, so I can't check, but I'm trying to figure out if Roku can fill a need for a project I'm working on.

In particular I'm trying to figure out what needs to happen for someone to play a slideshow from Google Slides on Roku from their computer and from a phone/tablet.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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Level 20

Re: How to cast Google Slides to Roku?

Roku supports:

Mirroring:   Miracast, AirPlay2

Casting: DIAL, AirPlay2, Play-on-Roku

Roku does NOT support GoogleCast (Mirroring & Casting) a.k.a. ChromeCast.

You would need to mirror it using either Miracast (Windows/Android) or AirPlay2 (Apple) from the sending device.

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