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Home hotel or dorm? Says excellent wifi but the Roku won't work

There have been many posts on this topic with zero resolution - hence the need for a new posting. Can someone at Roku please figure out a solution for the hotel/dorm room - home wifi system issue? I have two Roku systems that are currently having the hotel room/dorm room or at home problem and not working despite have excellent wifi connection/signal : Roku ultra and a 75" Roku HisenseTV built in. They both are having the same problem I also have another 50" TLC Roku built in TV that is working fine on my network. So why these two Rokus not working? They both are asking if I am at a hotel room/dorm room or at home. I respond with at Home and both don't work. Tried: 1) turning off/on router, 2) turning off/on/restarting systems on Rokus, 3) network reset on Roku, 4) complete factory reset, 5) set up my cell phone's hotspot and the Roku TV worked. 6) went back and tried my wifi and still is asking for home-hotel-dorm. I have heard that if I changed my network's password that may work or changing the name of my wifi could work, but other people have tried that (as read on this forum) and it didn't work either. So before I go through the **bleep** of renaming my wifi and changing the 30 devices in my home, please please can someone at Roku help?

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Re: Home hotel or dorm? Says excellent wifi but the Roku won't work

Hi @myskibum,

Welcome to the Roku Community!

Thanks for letting us know about this behavior you've encountered with being unable to connect your device and TV to your network. Since you have done troubleshooting steps and were able to connect to your hotspot, this issue might be related to your internet service provider. Contacting your ISP to inquire further about the issue might be a good option.

All the best,

Takashi O.
Roku Community Moderator
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