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Great Internet signal but it still won’t connect

Can somebody that works for Roku please explain to me why my Roku express cannot connect to my Wi-Fi network? Every single day, I get error code 014.30 and I have to restart my router in order for my Roku to connect to the Internet. Yesterday, it wouldn’t connect at all. I restarted both devices six times minimum. It is not a problem with my Internet. I have ran several diagnostic tests, and it is running perfectly fine in this room. The only device that will not connect regularly is my Roku. What is wrong with it?

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Re: Great Internet signal but it still won’t connect


With the release of firmware updates to certain ISP routers, the single-band 2.4ghz Roku devices like your Roke Express 3930/3931 are having issues connecting and streaming properly.

The remedy and first troubleshooting step for this is to change/verify that the Wireless Mode/Protocol in the router's wireless settings are configured to b/g/n.


Xfinity/Comcast instructions - https://www.xfinity.com/support/articles/change-wifi-mode-admin-tool-xfinity-xfi and https://community.roku.com/t5/Network-Wireless-Wired-Connections/Error-014-30-stuck-for-three-days/m...

Comcast instructions - https://www.cox.com/residential/support/managing-your-in-home-network-with-my-wifi.html

AT&T - https://www.att.com/support/article/u-verse-high-speed-internet/KM1206322/ 


Post back with an update or if you need more help.  Include your router model number and ISP. (internet service provider).

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