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Four days of buffering and failure to launch

We have been frustrated for four days now. On both our Roku express devices we can’t use them. Lots of channels do a lot of buffering and failing to launch. I have seen map where there a lot of outages. Is this the case? Is Roku doing work on the system? I would like some answers. We pay for a lot of the channels that aren’t working. My internet is great. We have a Roku television that is working just fine. What gives? Been trying to get answers since it began. Please help!! Help!! Thank you 

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Roku Guru

Re: Four days of buffering and failure to launch

Outage map for what? 

Since you have a Roku TV that is working, my guess would be that it is connected to your 5GHz Wi-Fi.  On the other hand, most Expresses (other than those that include 4K in the name) only use 2.4GHz.  So my guess is that your 2.4GHz band is having issues, or you have a neighbor causing interference.  A few ideas:  Check that your router is broadcasting a 2.4GHz b/g/n network.  Lately, Xfinity (and Cox I think) have been sending out router updates that either entirely disable 2.4GHz or set them to g/n only.

Consider changing the channel. 

I saw one thread where the poster said that turning off n (ie: just b/g was even more reliable for him – this might be dependent on a particular router model.)

If you're on Xfinity, I've heard that they have really been dumbing down the controls on their routers and you may have to call them to select b/g/n.  (That would be enough for me to get me to buy my own router, if I hadn’t already.)

Upgrading to a Roku Express 4K/4K+, might be the easy fix since those do both 2.4GHz and 5Ghz, unlike most Rokus under the "Express" label.

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