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Fault message, “not connected to the internet. Error 016.” Device was working fine for months. Other

If Roku support won’t accept my request for a warranty exchange on its web site but just shows, “There was an error submitting your request. Please try again.” How do I contact them? The device is still under warranty.

The screen message is, “Not connected to the internet. Error 016.”

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Re: Fault message, “not connected to the internet. Error 016.” Device was working fine for months. O


Generally the 016 error is just the "No internet" detected message.  Normally remedied by restarting both the router and then the Roku device.  Sometimes need to verify the router settings that they haven't changed (automatically by router, not anything the user has necessarily done), before condemning device.

If you wish to troubleshoot your issue, post back with your Roku model number, your router model number, and your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

A good test is to see if you can connect to a mobile hotspot (if available) or to a family/friend network.  If so, then helps lend credence to a router configuration issue and not device issue.  If unable to connect to mobile hotspot or another network, then likely a device issue.

In regards to your specific question re:warranty exchange, any device can be exchanged within the one year warranty period (normally after basic troubleshooting).  I would just resubmit the exchange form again later if you have encountered problems.  https://support.roku.com/article/208757058

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