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False "WiFi Not Connected" Message

One of our two Ultras intermittently displays a "Wifi not connected" message while it is connected. The other Ultra does not. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the connection. The signal strength is reported as "Excellent." There is no disruption of service while the message is being displayed. The router is not reporting any problems. The connection is 802.11ac. Essentially, I cannot find anything wrong nor do I have any complaint except the problem of seeing what appears to be a false message.

We do not have ISP-supplied equipment. We have a Netgear cable modem, a MikroTik wired router and an Asus WiFi router for the Rokus and the laptops & phones, etc. It all seems to be working well. The only thing I can think of that might cause the problem is we have different SSIDs for 5 and 2.4 GHz radios and possibly because we have a separate 2.4 GHz router for our home automation system. It really doesn't seem that the configuration of the networks should matter, though. The only problem is the seemingly false error message.

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Re: False "WiFi Not Connected" Message


It may not be a false message. The devices can lose connectivity and continue to stream until the buffer empties. You may very well be experiencing a drop in connectivity for a short time on that device.

You have two Roku Ultra devices, right? Each has a remote paired to it. And, if they are on the same Roku account, you should be able to take the "bad" one, just the box itself plus the remote, and swap places with the "good" Ultra.

After doing that, does the issue remain? If so, does it follow the Ultra to the new location? Or does the other (formerly "good") Ultra now exhibit the behavior?

That will help indicate if there is something wrong with the Roku device, or if there's something in the enviornment at that location that's interfering with the Roku connectivity.

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