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Device cannot find nor connect to wireless

I was watching my tv with Roku express normally last night. Today suddenly it popped up with a message saying that there is not enough power from the USB port to allow my device to work. I changed it to all my different USB ports, I’ve reset the device, and it decided to work. HOWEVER it cannot find my wifi network and it won’t connect to it when I manually enter it. I have used this for two years and haven’t had a problem and suddenly out of nowhere this happens. It’s not my wifi router as I have reset it and the rest of my devices at home work perfectly fine. I have read a couple of articles where people are saying there was an update made to the system and they’re experiencing the same issues. Is there a fix to this? Because I don’t want to have to purchase another express, especially if this is going to happen every time the software is updated. 

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Re: Device cannot find nor connect to wireless

Power it with the supplied USB AC wall adapter instead of your TV's USB ports.

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