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Reel Rookie

Delayed network connection after start up

Within the last week, possibly after the last Roku software update, I am noticing that it takes anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute, for my 3800X streaming stick to connect to my WiFi on the Home Screen. WiFi signal is excellent as are speed. Previously this was not the case. I would have connectivity immediately upon displaying the Home Screen. Powered via the TV’s USB port. Any suggestions?  I rebooted the modem and router, unplugged both the Roku device and TV.  Thank you in advance. 

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Re: Delayed network connection after start up

Hi @Dogman26

Welcome to the Roku Community!

We understand that you are having difficulties with the Roku Streaming Stick. No worries, help is here. We recommend powering your Roku device through a wall outlet. Connecting to a power outlet in the wall has the additional advantage that your Roku streaming player will not need to power up every time you turn on your TV. This means your player will be up and running faster than it would when connected to a TV.

Let us know how it goes.

Best regards,

Roku Community Moderator
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Reel Rookie

Re: Delayed network connection after start up

Unfortunately…due to limited spare outlets (Kitchen TV) this is not the best alternative.  I will need to continue with the USB and just wait for it to power up. Curious why fast connectivity wasn’t an issue earlier?  Could it be due to a software update performed on 5/31/23. That’s possibly when this issue started.  Since about that time, I have noticed that when the unit is powered up along with the TV, I see the correct time displayed when the Roku logo is first displayed. After that, the screen goes black,  shortly after that, my Home Screen with the different apps is displayed.  Instead of the time showing, it now says NOT CONNECTED for about 30+ seconds until the time displays again and connectivity is good to go!  Thanks!

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