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Constant disconnects with server

To the upper V level incomplete folks:

Way to kill off a golden goose.
- Had quite enough.   Didn’t even mind the $120 monthly fees until my 11 yr old has been indoctrinated into how to trouble shoot your increasingly **bleep**ty service. 
BTW,... your greedy, “no-human tech support unless you know the secret number,” makes you the DMV in any state.
- And your, “cool“ self image is as old as AOL,... and Mom jeans.  Saying your on Roku to anyone under 30 is like saying you are on Facebook. 
We’ll be switching to anyone else for anything around  $100 a month that is somewhat reliable and doesn’t suck as bad as what what you’ve done to yourself.  Such a disappointment from 2014 when you were strong.
P.S.  Did I mention that desperate cable Co.’s who I cannot stand, -and stopped using in 2013 at $300 + a month,  now has desperately lowered their price to match your monthly cost,... and with everything you offer and more? 
P.S.S.  You are right up there with the Dumbest, greedy, companies that are always LOADED at the top V levels... with company wrecking jackasses.
You had a goose that **bleep** golden eggs and decided not to feed it to bump up profits, - moronic. 
You could have been NETFLIX but you hired the wrong decision makers.
Have fun and good luck.


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Roku Guru

Re: Constant disconnects with server

When you say "constant disconnects with server", is there a specific app in use or error message that you are getting?

Also, Roku doesnt charge any monthly fees - you may have been/be the target of fraud/a scam.

Roku's CS phone number:  (816) 272-8106       - it is buried in their support assistance "tree", but isnt required to interact with a human (chat and email are also available)

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