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Connects to WiFi but no streaming












I see area SSID’s and I connect to my WiFi (see pics), Roku shows wifi signal strength is excellent, but doesn’t stream. Gives error 018 about insufficient download speed, but when I test download speed of router on my iPhone, it shows download speed of 400+ (see pic). I restarted router and restarted Roku, same thing. I tried connecting by Ethernet cable to the router and Roku works fine with streaming. 

what do I need to do to get the wifi working with this Roku?


Model 4660X Roku Ultra

serial number:  YJ00ER382310

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Roku Guru

Re: Connects to WiFi but no streaming

You didnt mention your firmware version (Settings/System/About).

I notice you didnt show a pic of the Roku Network information screen showing the actual detected internet download speed using Roku's  "Check connection" function, either using wired or wireless.

(When you run "Check connection", it then lists the detected download speed in the information)

Why are you not running Roku's speed test and showing its results?

Regardless, try changing the 5Ghz channel or changing the channel width settings on your router, and testing again (use Check connection). 

You should also check using 2.4Ghz (if you dont have separate SSIDs for each range, I highly recommend doing so).

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