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Connect to wifi without remote

I recently changed wifi networks. My phone is connected to my new WIFI, but my TV is not connected to any wifi. I don't have the remote. I was trying to use the app but the TV needs to be set up on the same wifi as my phone. Is there any way I can connect my TV to my new wifi without having the physical remote. 

Roku Guru

Re: Connect to wifi without remote

If you can set the SSID and passphrase of the new router to exactly match the old one, then the device (and all your other devices) are likely to not even notice that anything has changed and “just work”.

Community Streaming Expert

Re: Connect to wifi without remote


In addition to @Strega suggestion, if you have a RokuTV or ethernet-capable Roku device, should also be able to used the Wired connection (ethernet) to get around this issue.

After you connect with your mobile app remote , should be able to go to Network Settings and connect the RokuTV or Roku device to your new wireless (wifi) network.


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