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Confirmed Roku Express 3930EU works in hotel/dorm mode

I was concerned that a newly purchased Roku Express model 3930EU (UK purchase) would not work correctly on an upcoming hotel stay after reading some posts here. I have however managed to confirm correct operation by installing captive portal software on my home router. The software automatically routed any web traffic (port 80) to the splash page of the application. I was able to use my iPad to connect to the Roku's own WiFi after I selected the hotel option when the Roku tried to connect to the network. Once I clicked the button on the captive portal on the iPad the Roku was able to connect to the internet.

The proof of its operation will be when I connect it in a true hotel scenario in the next couple of days, the testing carried out does indicate it should work as advertised.


I successfully connected the Roku Express to the captive portal on the Premier Inn WiFi. When the lease expires from the hotel and I need to go through the hotel/dorm option I have had both straightforward re-connects and the requirement to reset the network settings. Sometimes it did move to the network testing page although I hadn't completed the authorisation through the Roku WiFi connect method. It's successful first time more often than failing and requiring further action.


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