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Changed Wifi password, 5G no longer showing up on Roku stick

Been running wifi via 2 Airport Extremes for many years. On one of them, we connect to our Roku devices. For security reasons, we recently updated our wifi password and had to change that password in a number of places throughout our home wifi network. Roku suddenly began losing the connection and buffering for a long time. I checked the available wireless networks and neither Airport Extreme had 5G available. They have always been there and I can see them on my iPhone but not in the Roku. I did a complete reboot of every device via the Airport Utility and nothing happened. Just for the heck of it, I opened up the 5G network from my Frontier router and that shows up just fine which makes me think that it is the Airport Utility. I have tried re-starting the Airport Utility and rebooting everything there, no change.
One more thing, I have a second Roku stick on a 2nd tv, and 5G shows up there just fine.

Is there anything that I can try to find that 5G network again?

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Re: Changed Wifi password, 5G no longer showing up on Roku stick


Thanks for the post.

Can you please specify the issue you are experiencing? What specific Roku model device are you using when you experience this issue?

For more detailed information about checking your wireless network with Roku devices, visit our Support pages here:
Find your network name & password
Check your network connection


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Re: Changed Wifi password, 5G no longer showing up on Roku stick

I'm not sure if I completely followed your description, but I think it might be a DFS issue. As far as I know, Rokus don't support DFS channels.

Here's an Apple support article:


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Re: Changed Wifi password, 5G no longer showing up on Roku stick

Hi, I checked the DFS and my router does not support DFS. I am running Frontier FIOS, which used to be Verizon FIOS.  Btw, the 5G showed up on one of the two Airport Extremes this morning. The only thing I did was to trun on the 5G from the router itself. I had that turned off before so that I did not have two networks operating in such close proximity to one another. I use the Apple Extremes because I have one in the back of my house, far awayn from the Frontier router. Connected by ethernet cable.

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