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Certain Channels showing WiFi Connectivity Issues

I've been trying to connect to a select few channels on Roku, but keep running into the same error: "Error - Please check your internet connection". I've restarted my modem, restarted my roku, checked for updates, remove/added the app but nothing is changing the status of this error. I know it's not my internet since all channels on my Roku are still working except for a select few. Does anyone know why like WETV wouldn't be working? 

Roku Guru

Re: Certain Channels showing WiFi Connectivity Issues

Given this thread, it may be WETV rather than anything local to you that is having issues.


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Reel Rookie

Re: Certain Channels showing WiFi Connectivity Issues

I am having the same problems on BOTH my Roku Streambars.  Both worked fine until about a week ago.  Certain channels have the error message: "Please check your internet connection".  I have rebooted everything (router, modem, roku...); removed and reinstalled the network and the channels; restarted, updated and everything else I could think of.  The network connection check indicates everything is connected and working.  It's just a few channels that are wonky.  (it seems to be different channels that are affected on each Streambar: Sundance on one, the Roku channel on the other).  Can anyone help?


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