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Cannot get Onn TV to Connect to Onn Blast - Read All Threads Here - Still Not Connecting

I recently purchased a new Onn TV. The following day, I purchased the Onn Blast sound bar and sub woofer and thought it would be easy to connect since these are the same organization (Similar to the other software company more commonly referred to as a piece of fruit). I am quickly learning that it is extremely difficult to connect these two by using either Bluetooth, The HDMI arc connection, or any of the user manual or quick guide instructions.

As I indicated in the subject matter line, I searched all of the other common threads and tried all of those remedies with no resolution.

I have spent hours after trying to go into the remotes and devices area for the TV settings tried to set up a new device, tried to set up a subwoofer for the speaker, and continue to watch the connection cycle spin and spin and spin without ever connecting. If anyone out there knows how I can get my TV to connect to the sound bar, I would appreciate any guidance.

Please note: I was able to connect the sound bar and sub woofer to other external Bluetooth devices with no problem whatsoever. It is simply trying to connect it to the TV where I run into issues.

Thank you in advance!

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