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Cannot connect after router firmware upgrade

Yesterday I updated the firmware on my Asus ZenMesh router. All other devices connect seamlessly, but my 2 Roku refuse to connect. I have done a factory reset of the Roku, fully powered both the router and the Rokus off and on, and reconnected multiple times with no success.  Current situation:

* I can see the wireless networks and the initial attempt to connect (either on 5 or 2.4 GHz) appears to be successful. The checkmarks go green for both "Wireless connection" and "Internet connection", and on the Network > About screen the status shows as "Connected" with a strength of "Excellent" for a few seconds, then drops to "Not connected".

* Based on advice from other posts here I am trying to use 2.4 GHz rather than 5 which makes no difference, with a hardcoded channel of 6. 

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Re: Cannot connect after router firmware upgrade


Initially, if trying to connect to 2.4 ghz band, verify that your 2.4ghz band is using wireless mode of b/g/n.  However, since you are also having issue with 5ghz, probably have to continue to below troubleshooting.


Try some simple things first.

1. Unplug both the router and the Roku device for a couple of minutes.  Unplug any extenders/repeaters/pods/additional access points, etc.

2. Boot up the Roku device and Reset the network connection. (Settings/System/Advanced System Settings/Network Connection Reset/Reset Connection.

3. Boot up router.

4. Restart the Roku device and attempt a connection. (Settings/Network/Setup Connection)


If no success, then...

5. In the router, change the Wireless SSID password (try something simple, no special characters), and verify that WPA2 (personal/PSK) is set under Wireless Security (not WPA3 or WPA-enterprise).  In some routers, this is universal settings; others need to do for each band available.  Perform the Roku Network Connection Reset procedure again after changing passwords as well as restarting both router and Roku.

5a. If the simple password still doesn't help, try creating an open network. (use no password for testing).  Also try creating a Guest network with no password in order to connect and use Roku devices while you continue to troubleshoot underlying issue.

6. On the 2.4ghz band, verify mode is initially set to b/g/n. If unsuccessful, set to g/n. (default mode is to use legacy b protocol.  Some routers require legacy b to be disabled if no legacy b devices are on network - others just refuse to work properly with b-enabled so rely on the g/n mode to communicate with b devices).  Conversely, some router firmware will not allow Roku devices to connect to internet unless b/g/n is enabled.

6a. Manually assign wireless channel on 2.4ghz (1-11 with 1,6,11 preferred) and set bandwidth/channel width to 20mhz.

7. On the 5ghz band, verify that you are not using Roku incompatible/unsupported DFS wireless channels (52-140).  Rather than using "Auto" setting, try low band 36-48, or 149-161 for channels. (preferably try 149 and higher).

8.  Restart both router and Roku devices again after making above changes.


Feel free to post back an update with your Asus router model number, ISP, and Roku model numbers if still having issues.

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