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Can see Wi-Fi signal, yet cannot get access. Curious fact pattern with no logical solution.

I will list the facts in chronological order.

1. Roku Express connects and thrives on home WiFi signal for 2 months.

2. Suddenly, begins some moderate stream interruption, and eventually signal is lost all together,

3. Attempts to re-start and re-boot both device and router are unsuccessful. The signal is still available, with "excellent" notation, and password accurate. Still fails to acquire signal.

No movement or any outside interference involved. House WiFi still available to all other devices.

4. Connect Roku Express via my Iphone's Hotspot to show Roku is still functioning.

5. Move Roku to a TV next to router and try the idea that it is a proximity solution. Fail.

6. Factory reset. Fail ( And a pain in the behind.)

7. Bought an identical Roku and set it where its predecessor lived. Fail.

This makes absolutely no sense, my only logical deduction is a software update for our router somehow excluded the Roku, or corrupted some software. The brand new Roku behaved the same, thus not mechanical. The router has no signal loss to any other device in the house. Nothing physically has changed. Unless the particular moon phase. I honestly have no idea. My next attempt it is to try a Amazon Firestick in the same location and thus prove it is inside the Roku's software. Thank you for reading and any help would be appreciated. Even if I have to lose my Roku, which I have loved dearly, and join a rival organization, I hope this will serve as an interesting case-study.



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Re: Can see Wi-Fi signal, yet cannot get access. Curious fact pattern with no logical solution.


This has been a common occurence since the latter part of last year and coincides with firmware updates being released to cable ISP routers. (Xfinity/Comcast, Cox, and AT&T most recently) and connections with the 2.4ghz only devices like the Roku Express.

Most users have discovered that they need to switch the Network Mode/Protocol in their routers to b/g/n under the 2.4ghz Wireless Settings. (5 min fix).


Xfinity/Comcast instructions - https://www.xfinity.com/support/articles/change-wifi-mode-admin-tool-xfinity-xfi and

Cox instructions - https://www.cox.com/residential/support/managing-your-in-home-network-with-my-wifi.html

AT&T - https://www.att.com/support/article/u-verse-high-speed-internet/KM1206322/


Feel free to post back with an update if this is not applicable to you or if you need more help.  Provide your router model number and ISP (internet service provider). 


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