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Can no longer use Roku features but channels still work

The last few weeks I have noticed an issue with my Rokus. I could no longer use Amazon Prime, I couldn't use the search function, I couldn't access the channel store and I couldn't use the Info button. I could still use other channels like Hulu and Disney+.

I reset my connection numerous times, I reset the router, tried everything. No changes. I did a factory re-set on one of the devices and now I can't get past the email screen. No email is ever sent. 

I then went to Roku.com on my computer and it wouldn't load either. I can only get it to load on my phone. It feels like my router is blocked from roku's servers! My computer can access any other site, and can even access community.Roku.com but not my.Roku.com or just Roku.com. 

I'm lost!

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