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Apartment Wifi not found on Roku LE

I live in student housing in a separate apartment from my university's dorms. We have complimentary wifi but my Roku LE can not find my apartment's network, even when I try putting it in manually. My network band is 5ghz if that has anything to do with it.

Someone, please help, I can't keep using my mobile hotspot

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Re: Apartment Wifi not found on Roku LE

This seems to be a very recent Walmart special for which I can find very little info. But my guess would be that it does 2.4GHz only.  Roku's low-priced models tend to have that limitation and this is the lowest-priced yet.

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Re: Apartment Wifi not found on Roku LE


From what I understand, the Roku LE (Limited Edition) is a white version of the older Roku Express.  The older Roku Express devices are 2.4ghz-only band devices (no 5ghz capability).  The new Roku Express 4k/4k+ devices are now dual band devices (both 2.4ghz and 5ghz capability).

The Roku LE will not work without a 2.4ghz connection.  

I just found out that Walmart is having a $15 Black Friday sale on these while looking into your question.

Feel free to post back with update or if you have more questions.




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