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Reel Rookie

All Roku devices & TVs showing <1MBPS download speeds

I'm extremely frustrated, so bear with me.  I have several Roku devices because I have been a big fan of the ease of use from these devices.  I have a 3800 stick, a 3930X Express, two Roku TV's!  I switched from Century Link (bad, but cheap) to ATT Internet (cell tower antenna, expensive) to get better internet speeds.  Everything was great until about a month ago when all of a sudden everything buffered and it slowed to a crawl eventhough all of my speed tests were showing 70+mbps download speeds.  When I do a "check connection" on all of my Roku devices it show <1 mbps and that I need to connect to higher speed internet.  I've discussed this with the Linksys company (running a velop mesh on two channels) and we tried changing settings with no relief.  To ease everyone's mind, the router is about 6 feet from the Roku stick, and there are ZERO obstructions.  I get an excellent signal message when I do a network check.  I've discussed with our internet provider and they basically said Roku has a problem with their service because the service has a dynamic IP and Roku doesn't like that.  I have exhausted all attempts at resolving this since Roku doesn't have a customer service line.  I'm at the point of selling all of my devices and just getting smart TV's.  Unless anyone has any suggestions because it's going to cost me a fortune to replace.  Send help, please... LOL.

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Re: All Roku devices & TVs showing <1MBPS download speeds


The fact they all went haywire at the same time indicates a non-Roku cause. Something interfering, something about the wireless settings, something hard to quickly identify.

Unfortunately, none of your devices include Ethernet connections so you can't easily narrow it down to something related to wireless.

If you were to go directly to a service, paid or free, via browser, does everything stream properly? Is it better than on the Roku devices?

For example, Pluto TV on Roku vs Pluto TV on browser. Any performance difference?

Oh, and by the way, Roku doesn't care about dynamic IP address. All Roku devices take whatever internal address your router assigns, although you could configure your network to assign the same internal address all the time. The Roku devices don't see the external address. So, whoever was talking out their ass was, well ...

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