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Airplay using iPhone data instead of Wi-Fi internet

I live where there’s not any options for internet besides my iPhone hotspot or hopefully one day I will have Starlink. 
Even on Verizons unlimited plan it still throttles my hotspot’s data after 30GB. The best solution I see is to stream videos on my phone and use Airplay to get it onto the TV. I tried just using a lightning to HDMI adapter but some apps like Paramount+ and many others don’t allow that to happen. I literally get no service when I plug in the adapter and the service comes right back when I unplug it. 
but AirPlay they all seem to be okay with. 
So I bought a Roku 4k Ultra box and a Wi-Fi range extender. 
Everything works fine (for the most part) if I use my hotspot. But as soon as I turn off my hotspot and link my phone to the Wi-Fi extender I get weird messages on my phone saying the videos that were just playing “aren’t formatted for the TV” among other errors. 
Here are the steps I feel like “should” work but for some reason haven’t yet. 
I turn on my hotspot and link it to Wi-Fi extender. Then I log into Wi-Fi extenders network on Roku. 
I then turn off my hotspot and connect to Wi-Fi extender network. (Changed settings to static IP address on phone so will use data for internet and still be connected to network) both phone and Roku are connected to same network. 
I also went into the secret menu and disabled network ping. 

im missing something. Please help. is it something with the Roku TV settings still? My Wi-Fi extenders settings? My phone? 

not even videos saved on my phone will airplay without my hotspot on. 

Any help would be great thanks!

#airplay #iphone 

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