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Airplay connection issues

I wanted to connect my airplay to my roku tv and its connected to my apartment wifi. For some reason the ip address on the TV and the one on my phone are different even though its the same network. The tv is already set up i just want to be able to stream music. can i fix that

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Roku Guru

Re: Airplay connection issues

You didnt mention your Roku model # or firmware version: Settings/System/About

Every device on  a network has to have a different IP address so there isnt an addressing conflict (just like for physical mail).

Your home network is a network, so in order for all your devices to communicate with each other on your home network they each have an IP assigned to them, so thats normal.

Try the following for AirPlay2 support.

1) Verify you have the latest AirPlay support:
    A) Does Settings/Apple Airplay And HomeKit exist?
    B) Settings/System/System update/Check now (should be 10.0.0-4209 or later) - try again

2) Verify your devices arent connected to a Guest SSID or otherwise have AP/Client Isolation enabled on the SSID - try again

3) Disable & re-enable WiFi on the Apple devices - try again

4) Restart all devices (Rokus, Apples, modem/router/gateway) - try again

5) Reset the paired devices: Settings/Apple Airplay and HomeKit/Require Code/Reset Paired Devices - try again

6) Setup HomeKit: Settings/Apple Airplay and HomeKit/Setup HomeKit - try again

7) Switch either Rokus or Apples from 5Ghz to 2.4Ghz, or from 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz - try again

😎 Manually configure Roku's display output to 1080p: Settings/Display type/1080p TV - try again


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