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4k+ no connection all of a sudden

I have had my roku boxes for quite a while now and my internet hasn’t changed at all. I have three smart tv’s which two came with roku already. I brought two 4k+ connectors for my other two tv’s and now either of them are working they buffer all day long and I have had spectrum come out and check everything out and nothing is wrong. It has to be the roku because on my regular tv I can look at any app without problems it’s only when I use roku so either you guys need to fix it or refund me my money and I’ll get another streaming service. I only got it to get spectrum

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Roku Guru

Re: 4k+ no connection all of a sudden

It sounds like you bought 2 Express 4K+ models and are having problems with the Spectrum TV app.

However, its not clear whether you are having problems with the Spectrum TV app on all your Roku devices, or just the new 4K+ models.

Is it just the Spectrum TV app buffering, and just on the new 4K+ devices?

We need some clarification about which devices/apps are specifically affected and how, and your network configuration (do you have a dual band modem/router/gateway, etc)

In general, restart your Rokus, and try to use a 5Ghz WiFi connection when possible.

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