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4K Streaming Stick Interfering with Wifi access points

I have a 4K streaming stick. Wifi provider is Verizon 1GB service. Wireless access points are “eero” one of which is within a few feet of the streaming stick. Roku is working fine. However, our wifi speed is down to 150mbps. Verizon fixed the issue but said it is caused by the Roku interfering with the wifi/wireless access points.

When I google I see for older devices something called Wifi Direct which should be turned off. But I see no information about Wi-Fi Direct or how to turn it off for a Streaming Stick 4k. 

Be grateful for any insights and suggestions!

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Re: 4K Streaming Stick Interfering with Wifi access points


WiFi Direct is how the Sticks communicate with the remotes. Turning it off means the remotes won't work, and that's not good.

You say you have both Verizon WiFi and are using Eero devices (which are WiFi devices)? Or did you use the term "WiFi" to mean "Internet" in regards to Verizon? (Note that those terms mean very different things, which can make a huge difference in troubleshooting.)

Is Verizon device actually transmitting a WiFi signal? Or is it simply Internet access with WiFi turned off? I suspect that is the case, but want to make sure.

So, assuming you have Verizon for Internet, with Verizon WiFi turned off, and are connecting via Eero devices WiFi, let's clarify a few things.

Are you checking Internet speed on the Roku only? Or are you using a speed test app on a mobile device or laptop?

What speeds are you getting on your mobile phone? Or laptop?

If you are getting slower than expected Internet speeds on mobile or laptop, unplug all the Roku device and remove the batteries from the remotes. Then restart your Internet modem (Verizon), as well as your WiFi devices (Eero). After those come back up (2-5 minutes), try a speed test. Is the speed what you expect?

If not, it's not the Roku devices (they're unplugged).

If the speed is back up, turn on one Roku device and reinstall the batteries. Then do another speed test. Is it as you expect? If not, then yeah, Roku is interfering. If it is as you expect, it's not Roku, but was a glitch in Verizon Internet service device, and likely not Roku nor Eero.

If you have multiple Roku devices, turn each on one at a time and do a speed check after each. That way you'll spot a bad/interfering Roku device, if that is actually what is happening.

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Re: 4K Streaming Stick Interfering with Wifi access points and iphone

When my Roku streaming stick is on it blocks wifi access to my iphone 12, if I unplug the Roku it works fine, is there a way to adjust the Roku not to interfere ? both are close to my router.

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