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3 Roku Devices, 1 Cannot Connect to Wireless network. error 014

I have three Roku Ultras in various spots in on the same router.  For some reason one of the devices cannot connect to the wireless network.  The other two work and have no problem running the same network, but one box will not connect and just flashes. Please help if you can.  

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Re: 3 Roku Devices, 1 Cannot Connect to Wireless network. error 014


Could be a couple different different things going on.  Need to determine if network issue or device issue.

1. Verify if suspect Ultra is trying to connect to the same wireless band as the working Ultras. (Are they all connecting to the 2.4 ghz or 5ghz band).  Navigate to Settings/Network/About and look at Wireless Channel. (Channels 1-11 will indicate 2.4ghz, numbers 36-151 will indicate 5ghz).  If using mesh router or single SSID (network name), may complicate diagnosis since they could be switching bands automatically.

1a. If using a mesh system, and/or you have a cable ISP (Xfinity/Comcast, Cox, or AT&T), then eliminate a known issue by changing the wireless mode in the router to b/g/n. (This should allow for 2.4ghz connection when 5ghz connection is unavailable or not the best connection strength).

2. Swap the suspect Ultra to a known working location of another Ultra and see if able to connect. (May be a strength issue)

3. Reset both your Router and the Roku.  First, reboot the router and let fully load.  Then on the suspect Ultra, navigate to Settings/System/Advanced System Settings/Network Connection Reset/Reset Connection. (This will reset the network connection and automatically restart the Roku device).

4. If you are able to,  run an ethernet cable between the router and the suspect Ultra. (For testing, can just move the Ultra next to the router and run short ethernet cable.  Just seeing if flashing light goes away and able to get a connection - don't really need TV for this, but would be better if you could actually run ethernet cable to the sitting location of the suspect Ultra if practical.)


There are some additional settings you can try at the router but the above should give us a good starting point to what is occuring.  Post back with an update and include the model numbers of the Ultras (working and suspect), the Roku OS builds (Settings/System/About), your router model number, and your ISP (internet service provider).

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