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2 Roku Express. 1 stopped connecting to WIFI, the other still works great!

We've had both devices quite a while now.  Worked great.  Then this 1 stopped connecting.  I have done the factory reset countless times.  Rebooted.  Changed network settings on my modem, although this really is moot as the other device and all other devices like our network.  I've gone on the secret pages, followed every blasted "fix" on every post here.  Sometimes it wants to connect.  Actually worked for 15 minutes.  No again.  I'm not 1/2 way thru the stupid factory reset again.  Error 14 over and over.  Nope now it connects. It won't update the software.  Oh but hey it just did.  Now it won't send an email.  I am absolutely fed up with this!  Why doesn't roku give us a way to contact them directly?  I read where there is a fix but you need a network cable.  Guess what - this device has no network jack.  I also read where roku is monitoring this as a known problem.  They will selectively reach out to people to get it fixed.  In that case why not give us a notice on your web site to help resolve this?

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Re: 2 Roku Express. 1 stopped connecting to WIFI, the other still works great!

I am having the same issue. My device is only 4 months old. It will say it's connected, but when I try to go to a channel, it jumps to not connected. I have reset all of my devices  over and over to no avail.  I guess this thing is just junk.


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