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Events or sound not being recorded versus when I'm home all day or my daughter one English and shot

Smart home camera not actively recording versus when I'm home to when the Okay so I'm going through a really nasty divorce my husband has stepdaughter live next door when my daughter and I are home every movement or sound is recorded with the inside cameras in my living room and one faces out the window to the front yard versus when no one's home the dogs don't sit off the camera even though no settings are changed on either camera today gone for hours daughter was at Dad's house completely locked dogs inside and there's only one motion shot still picture taking of my stepdaughter getting close to my front porch as she's walking up no other recordings no other videos until I get home it really owes my car pulling up like normal sits right off documented in the events folder every second is being recorded as long as we're making sound or movement but when no one's home completely house empty things are not being recorded like normal what could be causing this someone having access to my app someone have an access to my email someone able to disarm the cameras by power before they enter the home can they erase events from the camera itself please hel

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Re: Events or sound not being recorded versus when I'm home all day or my daughter one English an...

Greetings @Wilermeagan 

Welcome to the Roku Community and thanks for posting regarding your inquiry with your Roku Smart Home Camera.

We're having difficulty trying to understand what you are inquiring about. Can you please specify the issue you are experiencing and we will be more than happy to assist you further. We look forward to hearing back from you.


Danny R.
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